TNZ BioGro certified organic inputs

TNZ BioGro certified
organic inputs


Our product is stockpiled and left to age for a precise period before being processed through a series of trommell screens, ranging from 3mm to 60mm in size. It is again stockpiled and aged further, before being delivered in bulk truck and trailer units, which can hold up to 100 cubic metres. 

We generally sell TNZ bark in bulk loads, though we will put you in touch with our numerous resellers and landscapers throughout the South Island for smaller amounts.


Every BioGro certified product can be traced back to its origin. For example using certification, we can pinpoint the exact field where an apple was picked or where sphagnum moss peat was harvested.

The organic certification process makes sure every stage in the ‘chain of custody’ between the producer and the consumer is secure and meets BioGro’s organic requirements. This certification process is what empowers consumers to trust organic brands.

The process includes checking a producer’s Organic Management Plan and conducting an annual audit. BioGro visit farms, packing facilities, warehouses, stores and manufacturing operations to make sure our practices meet organic standards and requirements. Only when BioGro’s organic requirements have been met does a producer receive BioGro certification.

We can provide the following BioGro certified inputs:

PEAT - Dried, screened 0-8mm (A-grade)
PEAT - Dried, screened 0-5mm (Fine - cell plug)
BARK - Dust (0-8mm)
BARK - Flake (8-14mm)

***Please note, TNZ peat is not approved for use organically
as a soil conditioner. It is approved as a propagation media only.








Approximately 44–48% moisture content. Pure peat that is dried, sterilised and screened to a very fine grade. Ideal for cell plugs, seedlings and trays.

A Grade


Approximately 44–48% moisture content. High quality, export grade peat that is dried, sterilised and screened. Used across the horticultural industry as a general growing media. Perfect in potting mixes.

Bark Dust


Dust is a grade of fine bark used for mulch, composting, potting mix, as well as a weed suppressant and growing media.

Bark Flake


Flake is the size of a small pea. It is used for potting mix, as a weed suppressant, as decorative bark and a growing media in sheltered areas.