Our Peat


We own and manage our own peat
resource situated in Southland, New Zealand. 

This enables us to select the right grade of peat for all our customers' requirements. We are the only peat supplier in New Zealand to use specialist peat harvesting equipment, which ensures the peat quality is not compromised. Once harvested, the peat is transported to our production facility in Kennington, Invercargill, where it is processed and packaged to each customer’s specification.

Our peat is best described as a blonde or white peat, and is very fibrous with superior water and nutrient retention properties. 

TNZ specialises in the supply of high
quality peat for the following markets:

  • retail
  • horticultural
  • mushroom industry
  • environmental management.

Peat Properties

Peat is known worldwide for physical properties that help to create a healthier soil.

Peat ensures air circulation in the plant roots, high moisture absorbability and low heat conductivity to create optimum conditions for cultivating and root system development.


Overview and Benefits

  • high water-holding capacity
  • aerates and protects soils
  • makes better compost
  • regulates moisture and air 
  • lightens potting and seeding mixes 
  • protects soil from hardening
  • adds organic material
  • natural organic soil conditioner 
  • retains nutrients 
  • promotes strong root development.

Grades Available


We offer four grades of top quality Sphagnum Moss Peat



Approximately 44–48% moisture content. Pure peat that is dried, sterilised and screened to a very fine grade. Ideal for cell plugs, seedlings and trays.

A Grade


Approximately 44–48% moisture content. High quality, export grade peat that is dried, sterilised and screened. Used across the horticultural industry as a general growing media. Perfect in potting mixes.



Fresh peat screened without any further processing–slightly wet consistency. Ready to use for general planting, straight in the ground and ideal for mushroom growers.

Screened Deep Dug


This peat grade is highly sought after for its wet/sodden properties and extreme moisture retention. Predominantly used for mushroom casing.

Peat Harvesting


We harvest our peat farms over the summer months. The top two inches are fluffed up to dry, windrowed so they can be extracted by our belt harvester, then stockpiled ready to be transported to our TNZ production facility. This method of harvesting is used to reduce damage to the natural structure of the peat fibre.

Extraction of our deep, dug peat is carried out at our MacInnes Farm site, where the top metre is removed and discarded to eliminate the risk of weed seed and any other contamination. The peat is then dug out and loaded onto trailers and carted to the stockpile ready for dispatch.


Peat Harvesting in Southland


Peat Processing


From tending and harvesting peat through to drying, grading, mixing, bagging and distribution–TNZ completes every step of the process.

We take pride in using the latest harvesting machinery and drying technology to achieve optimum production and quality control, ensuring customers continually receive a supreme product.


Raw sphagnum peat moss is harvested in Tussock Creek Farm










Peat moss is transported from our peat farm to our production facility based in Invercargill







Peat moss is stored in large storage bins before being processed









We screen all raw product through a 24mm trommel screen, and then re-screen it through a 012mm trommel screen





Peat is dried and then sterilised before it is packed