Custom Mixes

Custom Mixes


We custom manufacture growing and potting media mixes to our customers' specific requirements. These mixes can be peat, bark and coir fibre-based.

We stock a large selection of fertilisers for use in our mixes, but can source and supply any other fertiliser brand recipe should our customers require something different. We consult with leading fertiliser manufacturers to  make sure fertilisers used in all our mixes are the highest standard and meet our growers' requirements.

We produce the mixes for delivery in bulk truck loads or in 3-4.5m³ compressed bales. Commercial enquiries are welcomed for other packaging sizes.



Blueberries thrive in well-drained, loosely structured soil high in organic matter content, and require pH between 4.5 and 5.5 to absorb the necessary nutrients from the soil. This mix has been specifically formulated to achieve this acidic level and incorporates TNZ’s high quality peat moss for maximum aeration and absorbency–a perfect mix for growing blueberry plants in pots.



A quality natural-based planting mix containing TNZ’s standard peat moss enriched with manure and the right blend of nutrients to provide growers with the best possible start and sustained growth throughout the season.

Contains a starter fertiliser, to provide instant nutrients and prevent transplant shock. One hundred per cent weed-free and suitable for all vegetable types grown in garden beds, pots or containers.



Higher potassium levels to encourage a plentiful harvest of high quality fruit. Rich in essential nutrients to support healthy plant growth.



A high quality blend that provides roses with the best possible start and promotes healthy growth and development. Rich in essential nutrients to encourage flowering.

Mushroom Casing


This mix is highly sought after for its wet/sodden properties and extreme moisture retention. Predominantly used for mushroom casing.



A light and fluffy, free draining mix that supports optimal seedling germination and growth. Added gypsum assists strong and healthy root growth.

Tree and Shrub


Designed to achieve maximum growth and development from a rooted cutting. Supports root development in container-grown plants.

Tree Bagging/Holding


Provides a cost-effective option for bagging up bare rooted trees for the retail market. Lower fertiliser levels as this is designed as a holding mix.

Mixes available: seed raising, cutting, tubing, citrus, blueberry, acid, general mix and many more. We have a full laboratory on site and can offer you piece of mind in knowing the physical and chemical properties are as required.

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