Natures Blanket ® Certified Playground Bark by TNZ

Natures Blanket ®
Certified Playground Bark by TNZ


Natures Blanket is a sustainable bi-product of the timber industry, with a natural feel and look that’s perfect under playground equipment.

The right mix for fall protection


Natures Blanket is a special blend of premium bark (between 14-40mm nuggets) that is fully compliant with New Zealand Certification Standard 5828:2004 – providing excellent impact absorption and fall protection from up to 3m when applied at a minimum depth of 300mm*.



This specialised material comprises small nuggets which settle on the bottom, forming a soft bed for larger nuggets on top and creating a naturally buoyant and cushioned landing surface.

More benefits


As well as being an ideal playground safety surface, Natures Blanket is quick-draining so children can start playing as soon as it stops raining. The material is rarely disturbed or blown around by the wind.



Top up Natures Blanket in your playground areas to ensure the depth of your playground bark is sufficient to meet regulations. To improve the longevity of Natures Blanket we recommend the surface be occasionally raked and topped up.

Natures Blanket can be installed in three ways*


• Into a raised-edge area on top of ground level (this design helps drainage)
• Into an excavated and timber-edged area
• Half-raised and half-excavated area (this design requires less costly excavation)

Safety first


* Please ensure your playground design meets New Zealand Standard 5828:2015: Playground equipment and surfacing.