Our Bark


We process bark sourced from sawmills
throughout South Island.

Our product is stockpiled and left to age for a precise period before being processed through a series of trommell screens, ranging from 0mm to 60mm in size. 

We generally sell TNZ bark in bulk loads, though we will put you in touch with our numerous resellers and landscapers throughout the South Island for smaller amounts.

We produce seven grades of bark, which are used for:

  • landscaping
  • dairy wintering pads
  • horticultural growing media
  • orchid growing
  • bio filters.

Bark Grades


Our bark is a natural and environmentally friendly product
taken almost exclusively from Pinus Radiata trees
milled for timber.

B4 (L Nuggets)


B4 (4060mm) is a clean, tidy bark nugget used predominantly for the purposes of decorative landscaping.
Nuggets and bark coverage slow moisture loss in your garden, suppress weed growth and compliment with a distinctive rich, ‘red brown’ colour finish.

B3 (M Nuggets)


B3 (2040mm) is used for decorative landscaping and also makes an excellent playground cushion.

B2 (S Nuggets)


B2 (1420mm) is predominantly used for decorative landscaping and makes an excellent playground cushion.

25mm D├ęcor Bark


Decorative Bark can be used in a multitude of planted areas to best show-off both shrubs and delicate plantings.

Bark Dust


Dust is a grade of fine bark used for mulch, composting, potting mix, as well as a weed suppressant and growing media.

Bark Flake


Flake is the size of a small pea. It is used for potting mix, as a weed suppressant, as decorative bark and a growing media in sheltered areas.

13mm Black Bark


Screened bark fines, are purely that but provide a great base of organic matter for all soil types. Guaranteed to fit between 013mm in size, bark fines are the natural choice to help condition heavy soil. Their small size means a quick breakdown without compromising nitrogen and other nutrients, that can reduce using heavier graded mulches.

25mm Black Bark


Similar to the 13mm Black Bark but due to a larger size range it will last longer on your garden. It’s the perfect product for conditioning the soil with added benefits of holding moisture and suppressing weeds at the same time. The dark appearance also creates a nice color contrast around your plants and shrubs.

Green Wood Chip


Green Wood Chip is clean, quick drying chip and chemical-free ideal for use in landscaping and as a playground cushion.

Peat Mulch


Landscaping Peat Mulch comprised of Manuka & Kanuka wood. Cost-effective option.

We process bark sourced from sawmills
throughout Otago, Southland and Nelson

Bark Processing


We leave the bark, after we receive it, to age for a period then process it through a series of trommelling screens, which range in size from 3mm to 60mm.

Each grade falls through the screen and then certain grades move over a carpet belt to remove impurities, resulting in a superior end-product nugget.

It is then stockpiled to age further before being delivered in bulk by our own truck and trailer units, which hold up to 100 cubic metres.

We only sell in bulk loads but if you require smaller quantities we can put you in touch with our numerous resellers and landscapers located throughout the South Island.